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Syberia: The World Before Steam Chave Digital Europa

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Developers “Koalabs”, together with studio “Microids”, present a new part of the cult, adventure game series Syberia, called Syberia: The World Before. The game tells the story of two characters, one of whom lives at the dawn of World War II and the other today. Your goal will be to incarnate into two characters and unravel the great secrets of the game. Riddles and mysteries will accompany each other, but eventually, you will find the answers to all the questions. However, these secrets have not been revealed for too long. Syberia is an old and legendary series of adventure genre games and old fans of the genre have been waiting for Syberia: The World Before (PC) Steam Key for a long time. Syberia: The World Before features Syberia: The World Before offers these interesting and captivating features which will get you immersed in the mysterious game world: • A unique world. The poetic world of author Benoit Sokal will captivate with breathtaking landscapes and iconic characters; • Riddles and puzzles. The game continues the tradition of the series and provides players with a wealth of challenging puzzles; • Rich history. Discover the enticing story of the game and interesting dialogues of the characters; • Inon Zur soundtrack. Let the soundtrack of the game take you into its world. The composer has also composed music for Syberia 3, Fallout, Dragon Age, and Prince of Persia games. • Cheap Syberia: The World Before price. Syberia – one of the most famous adventure game series In the latest part of the Syberia series, The World Before, experience the essential elements of the adventure genre game – a Point and Click type game, during which you have to travel through the levels of the game and solve various puzzles, as well as interact with other well-written characters. Syberia games have a special story and exceptional character dialogues, so players who appreciate the story in the games will evaluate and recommend the Syberia: The World Before (PC) Steam Key game for a long time. An atmospheric, delicate, and meaningful adventure awaits. Uncover the mysteries of The World Before the game for yourself.



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