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      If certain classified information gets leaked to the masses, the world might just meet its end - it’s your job to clean everything up before people even start getting suspicious in this electrifying open world action RPG! Mundfish game studio presents a nerve-wracking mix of sci-fi, horror and FPS with Atomic Heart, a game that explores an alternative history of the Soviet Union, full of secrets, conspiracies and experimentation. As a special agent of KGB, known as Major P-3 , your mission is to eliminate the consequences of a large-scale accident that resulted in machinery rebelling against its human creators. Buy Atomic Heart Steam key and venture into the claustrophobic depths of Soviet Facility №3826! Atomic Heart features A global system failure may lead to total devastation of the world itself. The only hope of humanity in the Atomic Heart key might be just you - will you succeed in eliminating the threat or perish whilst trying? • The Soviet dream. The massive research facility harbours not only secrets but tales of employees and their day to day life - uncovering it all might prove to be troublesome as danger lurks behind each corner; • A closed ecosystem. Kollektiv, a neural network, has all ground-based and flying robots in its grasp - break in and try to remain undetected or risk unleashing the fury of the hivemind; • Craft and modify. More than 30 types of melee weapons and firearms can grace your arsenal if you manage to craft them all - modify them, use the environment to your advantage and eliminate every foe; • Fight to survive. To overcome deadly challenges you’ll have to turn everything into a weapon - study your opponent’s behaviour and observe how they interact with other machines for the best outcome; • Cheap Atomic Heart price. The height of the Soviet Union Dmitriy Sergeevich Sechenov’s research into the human psyche brings success in the form of a neural network that commands advanced cybernetic machines after decades of long and arduous work. But during the height of the Soviet Union, an accident leaves his research facility in ruins and various robots running amok. All hell will break loose if they manage to escape the confines of Soviet Facility №3826 and the populace learns the truth - embody Major P-3 and eliminate the threat in Atomic Heart Steam key!



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