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    Elex II Steam Digital

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      Detalhes do Produto

      Elex II (PC) Steam key is the second installment in the unique RPG series, which brings you into a post-apocalyptic and open world. This game is created by award-winning developers “Piranha Bytes”, who are known for their cult RPG titles, like Gothic and Risen. In this game, you will enter a post-apocalyptic Megalan world full of massive structures. You will be able to explore them completely freely with a unique jetpack. Developers say that you will be able to explore this world as you see fit. If you feel a hunger for detailed, sci-fi inspired worlds and deep stories, don’t think about that, just add the Elex II (PC) Steam key into your collection. You won’t be disappointed. Elex II gameplay features Get ready for a freely explorable world and its colorful inhabitants. Be prepared for breath-taking combat. Elex II (PC) game offers these fine elements: • Exploration. Traverse the Megalan world completely freely with a help of a jetpack; • Interactivity. There are a lot of remarkably interesting NPCs in the Megalan world. You will be able not only to talk to them but also kill them. They will react towards your actions and act accordingly; • Combat. Get ready for close and ranged combat with a new control scheme; • Experience. Dive deep into the story, where your actions have various consequences. Get ready for a lot of moral dilemmas; • Cheap Elex II (PC) price. New threat and new objective Several years have passed since Jax killed Hybrid, and now a new threat is falling from the sky. The dark Elex wants to destroy everything on the planet. For the safety of Megalan and your family, you will have to convince different factions for unity. This is the only way to stop the cataclysm. Also, your son is missing, and you will have to find him. Dive deep into a massive, completely unique world with different factions and travel through a post-apocalyptic, science fiction universe. This adventure will leave a mark on you!



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