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In the newest “Deep Silver” game Chorus, rule the heroine Nara and destroy the dark cult that created her. Unlock destructive weapons and intricate character attributes with the purchase of the space action shooter Chorus (PC) Steam Key. Together with your ship Forsaken, explore ancient temples, take part in battles in zero gravity and travel further from reality. The Journey to Salvation Take control of pilot Nara, who faces her dark past and Forsaken, her ship, and travel with them through a story of salvation that will take them across the galaxy and beyond reality. Your goal will be to mobilize resistance forces to fight at all costs against the Circle clan and their commander, the Great Prophet. Travel beyond emptiness Enter a new, dark universe full of mysteries and conflicts. Discover epic locations such as unusual space stations and strange planes. Fight in exciting zero-gravity battles with spectacular space landscapes in the background. The Chorus (PC) Steam Key game creates a great balance of space size and neat spectacles with fast, crazy fights. One pilot, one ship, one living weapon Get powerful and different weapons and combat upgrades in the Chorus (PC) Steam Key game. Master the unique drift mechanics and deadly powers of your ship, including greater sensory amplification, teleportation, and telekinesis. You will need it to defeat hordes of enemies and destroy the titanic spaceships. Combine your powers to become an invincible living weapon. Chorus features: • Strong campaign. A memorable experience for one player; • Control of two characters. Nara and her artificially controlled companion ship Forsaken are on a journey to salvation; • Fast, crazy fights. The game is reminiscent of old, classic space shooters; • Gathering of forces. Fight to rally the forces of resistance against the Circle clan and their evil leader, the Great Prophet; • Annihilate enemies. Sweep away hordes of enemy ships, giant spaceships, and unknown Void creatures; • Powerful weapons. Get various weapons, upgrades, and abilities in zero gravity battles; • A new universe. Explore a dark and new science fiction universe full of mystery and conflict; • Next-gen experience. Enjoy stunning next-generation graphics, 4K resolution, breathtaking space imagery; • Cheap Chorus (PC) Steam Key Price.



  • FormatoDigital
  • PlataformaSteam

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