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Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition Steam Digital

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Digital Deluxe edition includes: • Various skins for Metropolis building set and Onyx housing• Additional radio station• Art book• Desktop wallpapers   Does anything Planet Earth - related bore you to no end? Have you ever looked at the stars and thought how awesome it would be to spend some time far away from the Earth and leave all your troubles behind? Well, Surviving Mars lets you do just that. In fact, it even allows you to unleash your creativity on the Red Planet so that it won\'t be as boring as Planet Earth. Your goal is to create and maintain the first functioning human colonies on Mars. This won\'t be an easy task because all odds are heavily against you. But if you like challenges and enjoy being creative, this game is definitely for you. Key Features Next-level SimulationGet creative with tools that are provided for you. Build the colony of your dreams but don\'t forget to ensure that oxygen flow, which is vital for your colonists. They will react accordingly, depending on how you treat them. Don\'t be surprised if things go sideways from time to time. You know, they are just humans after all. New DiscoveriesFind hidden secrets on your journey. Some of them might bring you a fortune, while others could potentially harm your plans. It is up to you to decide. Retro-futuristic AestheticsA look that definitely fits your colony and the overall mood of the planet. If you enjoy sci-fi you\'ll definitely love it. Tons of ModsShare your creations with the community through provided modding tools. If you\'re ever in lack of inspiration, browse for other\'s creations that might inspire you.  



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