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    Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Steam Digital

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      Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Steam Worldwide


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      Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is the newest DBZ inspired tactical-card game on the market. It’s a real treat to all the anime-loving, captivating story seeking, and DBZ universe adoring players out there. The title is published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, so you know that the game’s not just for the talk. Not Only for DBZ Fans While DBZ fans will certainly appreciate the newest Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission key, the game is targeting all of the Card Game enthusiasts out there. The new game can boast with 350 unique characters, and well over a thousand unique and exceptional playable cards! The Hero Town Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission key will unlock the Hero Town’s gate. What’s this town all about? It’s a town set in an alternate reality in which Dragon Ball Heroes card game is already the most popular form of entertainment there is! You’ll be asked to create your avatar, and then the climb towards the ultimate champion’s title will begin! The Awaiting Challenges Buy the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission key and participate in the exciting card and mission creation mode, as well as online and local battles full-on! And there’s no better feeling in the world than stopping the invasion of the bad guys during your spare time. Save the world? Check. Restore peace? Check. Become the one and only undisputed champion? Check.


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