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    Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Dlc Steam Digital

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    Metro Exodus Expansion Pass includes: • Sam\'s Story (DLC); • The Two Colonels (DLC). Sam’s Story Get ready to immerse yourself into the DLC expansion of the Metro Exodus game, called Sam’s Story. This DLC tells the story of Sam, a US marine, who worked in the Moscow embassy before the mass bombing of the country happened. Or, otherwise, the Apocalypse. For many years Sam has dreamed of returning to his homeland and maybe finding his own family. In the depths of metro tunnels this dream seemed surreal, a very far away wonder, until the discovery made by Spartans, that Moscow isn’t the only country where humans still live, ignited the flame of hope in Sam\'s heart. He decided to leave Aurora and travel back home, to the US. The Two Colonels Below the post-apocalyptic Novosibirsk surface, in the metro tunnels deep underground, Colonel Khlebnikov travels home for his son Kirill. The most important day of the year – New Year’s Eve has come. What will it bring to the Colonel and his son? What will be the next year for the whole of Moscow? You will learn that only when buying Metro Exodus Expansion Pass DLC (PC) Steam key game. There is plenty to be afraid of because underground tunnels are becoming increasingly more toxic, and the count of blood starving mutants is constantly growing. Also, there is a shortage of special drink, which protects people from radiation. It seems that someone has to take responsibility and strict actions for solving these problems. Metro Exodus gameplay features Get to know the elements of Metro Exodus, which are the reason to buy and experience this game: • the world after the apocalypse. Of course, you can find plenty of movies, sci-fi literature, and other video games which deal with post-apocalyptic themes and worlds, but most people agree that the post-apocalyptic world of the Metro series is one of the most realistic ones; • realistic atmosphere. Like other games in the series, Metro Exodus offers big attention to realism. From characters and conversations to shooting and environments – everything resembles the feeling of real Moscow; • crafting unique guns. Without usual guns found in the game, you will have an option to craft your own weapons. Players who enjoy crafting mechanics will feel right at home; • freedom in battle. Fight enemies the way you want. Shoot and act loudly, or use stealth, sneak and be invisible. Everything is in your hands; • cheap Metro Exodus Expansion Pass DLC (PC) price. Get ready for diversity Metro Exodus Expansion Pass DLC (PC) Steam key game is known not only for its huge variety of weapons but also for crafting mechanics, which let you create your dream gun. The element of survival is also present, hence in the world of Metro Exodus, you have to gather various materials and components, which then can be used in creating new gadgets and weapons. There are a lot of both indoor and outdoor spaces in the game, so you can be prepared for a huge diversity. Will you survive in the harsh, post-apocalyptic environment? It all depends on your stamina, skills, knowledge, and will. We wish you to uncover all the mysteries of Moscow while playing Metro Exodus Expansion Pass DLC (PC) Steam key game. Would like to purchase other Metro Exodus DLC expansions? Visit the Metro Exodus DLCs collection right here on the Eneba game store!



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