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    Jagged Alliance: Rage! Steam Digital

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    Jagged Alliance: Rage! Is a sequel to a tactical strategy adventure game developed by Cliffhanger Productions. The infamous quirky mercenaries are back for one more exciting adventure, this time the team sets off to test their strengths in the allmighty jungle environments! Outnumbered, Is the Way to Roll! The ruthless drug overlord rules an entire island and it‘s up to you and your selected few allies to outwit, outplay, and outsmart the crazed up adversaries! Use guerilla tactics, warfare ingenuity, and strategic brilliance to outmanoeuvre your foes, strenghten the islands population and bring back the ravaged lands to their rigthful rulers! Mercenaries Are No Heroes! Jagged Alliance: Rage! Presents multiple unique characters to choose from, each with a distinct personality, traits, abilities, desires, and personal drama! Variety of tactics to battle it out in a turn-based tactical warfare! Rage skills, and vicious experimental drugs to strike terror and fear upon your foes! Two player online co-op mode, to share this unique and thrilling experience!



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