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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses Nintendo eShop Digital Switch

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      Detalhes do Produto

      Developed by Intelligent Systems and KOEI TECMO GAMES CO, published by Nintendo, the Fire Emblem: Three Houses key brings a one of a kind turn-based, tactical RPG adventure that offers an unprecedented experience for every player daring to dive deep into it. Become a respected professor in the continent of Fódlan, cater your students’ skill and prepare them for the fiercest battle to come! You must make sure they are not lacking in any, as their very lives will depend on it. Three Factions Create and customize your Professor character and enter the Officer’s Academy. A prestigious school that is governed by the Church of Seiros. The academy is responsible for three mighty houses, and your part in all of this is to provide guidance for the school’s students. Buy Fire Emblem: Three Houses key and choose one of the three factions: The Black Eagles, The Blue Lions, and The Golden Deer. From here, your journey begins! Choices Matter In this title, you’ll be responsible for both, your students’ academic lives as well as the strategic battles they’ll have to participate in. The game is full of mysteries and twists, and your choices as a supervisor will determine your disciples well being to a great extent. Teach them magic, teach them combat subtleties, and provide them with such special skills as horsemanship and many others. Features Buy Fire Emblem: Three Houses key and enjoy some of the best features the series have been known for a hefty while. Command your warrior students and assign a platoon of troops as their backup! Such level of management will provide you with plenty of entertainment value, however, you’ll also be able to traverse the vast Garreg March Monastery borders, meet the future rulers of the three houses, and uncover numerous secrets with which the game is loaded!



      • IdiomaAlemão, Inglês, Chinês simplificado, Coreano, Espanhol, Francês, Italiano, Japonês
      • FormatoSuporte físico
      • ProgramadoresNintendo
      • Classificação USK12
      • Descrições de conteúdo PEGILinguagem inapropriada, Violência
      • GéneroRPG (Role-Playing Game)
      • Descrições de conteúdo ESRBSangue, Suggestive themes, Violência
      • Quantidade mínima de jogadores offline1
      • Classificação ESRBT (adolescentes)
      • Data de lançamento26-07-2019
      • PlataformaNintendo Switch
      • Edição de jogoPadrão
      • Idade Mínima Recomendada12
      • EditoraNintendo

      Detalhes técnicos

      • (cdm) Collection (games)Jeu de rôle
      • (cdm) Release date set26-07-2019
      • (cdm) Full developersNintendo
      • (cdm) Primary distributor mameNintendo
      • (cdm) Publishers name setNintendo
      • (cdm) Menu languagesDE, EN, zh, KO, ES, FR, IT, ja
      • (cdm) Last updated31-10-2019

      Requisitos do sistema

      • Necessita auscultadores de realidade virtual (VR)

      Outras características

      • Formatos suportadosDownload
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