Bodum Fervedor De Água 1.5L Ibis Satinado

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BODUM IBIS Fervedor de água eléctrico, 1.5 l, Satinado

Utensílios elétricos Bodum. A melhor performance para a sua cozinha.
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This electric water kettle is one of our most classic products. Two things have been left untouched – the IBIS’ effectiveness in bringing water to a fast boil and its typical oval shape designed to take up as little counter space as possible.
Designed to rapidly boil with energy-saving efficiency, the IBIS Electric Kettle is ideal for heating water for coffee, tea, instant soups, and more.
• Easy to read water level indicator prevents the waste of water and energy.
• Manual On/Off switch plus steam sensor for automatic shut-off and added safety.
• Mesh-screened spout captures chalk and other mineral impurities while pouring.
• Base contains powerful heating element. Pitcher can be secured to the base in any direction during use, and easily remove for cordless pouring.

Código de barras: 0699965379285

Referência: 5500-57EURO-2

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