TopModel Pilatus B4 - TP066GB4S

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TopModel Pilatus B4 - TP066GB4S

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TopModel Pilatus B4
Scale: 1:7,5
Wingspan: 2000 mm
Length: 930 mm
Wing area: 26.9 dm2
Weight: 1200 g
Aerofoil: A(2)-P-D-M
In the mid 60s, the "Firma Rheintalwerke G. Basten" flew the prototype of a standard class glider (15 meter wingspan without flaps), mainly made of metal (aluminium), the "B4". 
Manfred Herbst and Rudolf Kueppers were the designers. Some years later, in 1972, the famous aircraft manufacturer Pilatus (Switzerland) gets the license and starts production. 
322 Pilatus B4 were produced until 1980, and 13 additional sailplanes were produced in Japan by Nippi Aircraft. In addition to metal building, which is uncommon for Europeans gliders, 
the B4 is designed for aerobatics, and over the production, the airframe was reinforced to withstand significant load factor
Pilatus B4 key features:
Strong sheeted foam wings.
The glass fiber fuselage is factory pre-drilled so the wings and stab fits perfectly.
Stab is removable for easy transportation and storage.
An optional brushless motor allows flying without any tug plane, and for slope flying, provide a great safety.
And of course... the model is delivered fully assembled and covered, you just have to make final assembly, install the radio system and the motor.
With the Pilatus B4, you can practice soaring on flat fields as well as slope soaring with a tiny semi scale sailplane, very easy to store and to carry. Flight characteristics are fun, with a very realistic shape.
Additional informations:
Elevator servo is located at the bottom of the fin, so the elevator pushrod is straight.
A big fin surface ensure a very good directional stabillity.
Ailerons can be tackled simultaneously for an airbrake effect.
The thin special airfoil can fly with moderate winds.

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